Our Lady of Celestial Fire

Festival of Mounukhia

April 15

(Greek) Ancient: 16 Mounukhion (full moon time).
This festival honors Artemis as Moon Goddess and Lady of the Beasts. There is a procession in which the people carry Amphiphontes (Shining-all-round), round cakes in which dadia (little torches) are stuck, much like the cakes offered to Hekate; later these are offered to the Artemis with a prayer such as:

Artemis, Dear Mistress, to Thee I carry, Lady, this Amphiphon, and what shall serve as drink offering.
Some say the reason the cake is called Amphiphon, which can also mean “Shining by Double Light,” is that it is offered when the sun and moon are both visible.

In ancient times a she-goat was sacrificed to the Lady; now we may use cakes of that shape, or offer palm leaves, for the palm is sacred to Her. This is also an appropriate time for the Arkteia (Playing the She-Bear) in thanks for game animals (the most important, for Neolithic tribes, being the bear). The Arktoi (She-Bears) are young girls (about ten years old) who dance naked or in short, saffron khitones (tunics); they wear leaf-crowns in their hair and carry torches or twigs.