Our Lady of Celestial Fire

Greater (Eleusinian) Mysteries: 4th Day (Epidauria)

October 2

(Greek) Ancient: 15–21 Boedromion (the festival begins on the full moon and continues to the third quarter)
In origin the Great (Eleusinian) Mysteries were a festival for the autumn sowing. They are, of course, mysteries, so some things about them remain concealed, in particular, the contents of the Sacred Kistai (boxes) and the actual initiation of the Mustai (Initiates). Anyone can be initiated, regardless of age or sex.

The festival is conducted by the Archon Basileus and four assistants. Two of these, the Hierophantes and Dadoukhos (Torch Bearer) wear the ependutes (a long-sleeved tunic ornamented at the hem and shoulders), headband and Thracian knee-boots; they carry one or two long torches. Further, there are Mustagogoi (Initiate Guides), who guide individual postulants, often their friends, through the initiation.

4th day: Epidauria
On this day the postulant secludes him or herself indoors to prepare mentally for the initiation. There are also celebrations for the god Asclepius, for on this day in 420 BCE He came, with His daughter Hugieia (Health) and His sacred snake, and requested the Eleusinian initiation.