Our Lady of Celestial Fire

OLOCF Public Sabbat Thesmophoria Rite of Genea

Saturday, Sep 12 2020 at 6:30 pm

Lodge: Our Lady of Celestial Fire (MN)
Location: Your own home

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Location contact person: Clio Ajana
Join us for a dark moon celebration! Join us as we celebrate the second harvest. At this time, we celebrate a renewal of the need to go inward and to delve into those hidden places in our hearts and souls. This year's sabbat is also approaching the Dark Moon, so we embrace these elements as we join in ritual celebration. All are welcome! Any ritual garb is acceptable. We gather at 6:30pm. Ritual starts at 7:00pm.CDT Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85072667775?pwd=VnFZOWdoeTNpY2d1QzFFTWZoTDZvdz09 Note: Passcode will be added by 3pm on the day of the ritual (9/19) Post-ritual fellowship starts at 8:30pm. You're in your own home, so feel free to use your own ritual set up, have something to eat and drink on hand, and come prepared to have fun! We go over the ritual and have introductions during gather time (6:30-6:59 p.m. ) and start promptly at 7. Please mute yourself if you have lots of noise around you. We welcome any and all who can log on!